Lehtonen, Joel

   A Finnish novelist, short story writer, and poet, Lehtonen never knew his father and became a ward of the community owing to his mother's poverty and doubtful reputation. Raised by the kind widow of a local minister, he received an education and worked as a journalist for some time. The young Lehtonen adopted a neoromantic and Nietzschean view of life and quickly produced several works: the long poem Perm (1904; Perm), the novel Paholaisen viulu (1904; The Devil s Fiddle), the short story collection Villi (1905; Savage), and Mataleena (1905; Magdalen), a novel that commented on his own origins. These books featured artistically inclined rebels and were well received.
   Some travel in Europe broadened Lehtonen s outlook and helped him develop a more tolerant attitude. He bought property in his home district of Savonlinna, published a couple of collections of folktales, and returned to his travels, during which time he was very active as a translator of classical European literature. A travel book from this time is Myrtti ja alppiruusu (1911; Myrtle and Rhododendron).
   During these years Lehtonen also published four collections of poetry: Nuoruus (1911; Youth), Rakkaita muistoja (1911; Beloved Memories), Markkinoilta (1912; From the Fair), and Munkki-kammio (1914; The Monk s Cell). But his greatest achievement is the Putki-notko books, three novels and a collection of short stories that feature a common cast of characters. The novel Kerran kesalla (1917; Once in Summer) represents a turning away from neoromanticism toward realism and criticizes those of his educated contemporaries who were stuck in the past. Kuolleet omenapuut (1918; Dead Apple Trees) contains short stories. Putkinotko (1919-1920) is a very long novel that attempts to capture the events of a single summer day and suggests that the beauty of summer, like the pleasant aspects of life, may be compensation for a person's unpleasantries and toil. The series concludes with the novel Korpi ja puutarha (1923; Wilderness and Garden). Lehtonen also wrote two books about his early childhood and his summers: Onnen poika (1925; Son of Fortune) and Lintukoto (1929, Birdhouse).
   Lehtonen's personal life during these years was plagued by illness and pain, and his outlook on life gradually became increasingly pessimistic. Such novels as Rakastunut rampa (1922; A Cripple in Love), the two-part Sorron lapsetPunainen mies (1923-1925; The Oppressed—The Red Man), and Henkien taistelu (1933; Struggle of the Spirits) all offer extremely negative representations of Lehtonen's society. He voluntarily ended his life in 1934.

Historical Dictionary of Scandinavian Literature and Theater. . 2006.

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